Every year we fill our greenhouse with vegetables of every shape, flavor, and size. We grow everything from small, sweet cherry tomatoes to big, fresh cucumbers; each plant starting as a tiny seed under the lamplight in our nursery basement. In early spring our vegetables are carried out to their pre-prepared beds, which are ready to host them for the rest of the season. We care for our vegetables until can be harvested for your kitchen. And as always, you can rest assured that they are free of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are a good snack for when it’s hotter than hot. Dice some up for a delicious salad, or simply slice and eat. And they can’t get fresher than this: no plastic, no shipment. Just soil to cutting board.


Note from a Schuler Farms worker who helped grow these vegetables:

As the perspective of a worker my favorite thing is to rise with the sun and arrive knowing the rest of the town is still asleep. At the farm, I make a pot of tea and prepare breakfast which usually consists of veggies and eggs from the farm and some toast with honey from their bees to sweeten it all up. I pour my mug full of steaming water and steep the leaves until the taste is dry and bitter—just right. It’s always peaceful driving up to the farm through the morning mist and the lining of trees. Yes, I won’t lie, 7:30 in the morning is an awfully early time to work and I’m sure Mr. Schuler would agree, but it is my favorite time to get all the chores done. There’s nothing like having the world to yourself.